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July 19, 2017
100 Years Ago July 1917
The town council has given notice that two more streets are to be graveled. Those to be improved are West A from Main to the N.P. yards, and West Third from West A to Division.
Use of Blaine Park for picnic purposes
is increasing, but complaint is that folks do not leave the park in good condition. Picnic parties are reminded that they should do their own cleaning up after gatherings.
Letters have been received from two Grandview boys
at war. One from Tom Smallwood in East Africa and another from Fred Kinsley at Mare Island.
Wanna Job? Bus Driving is 'The Thing'
There is a job for you here in Prosser. Do you like to drive? Do you like kids? Do you want longevity in your job?  This can be the job that can supplements your income, if you are recently retired and need something to do, if you are a mom and want to be around other people's children, a dad who just wants to drive something, a person who has an at-home business or you are someone can't do without an activity, this is the job for you.  
This job is flexible; you can work just mornings, just afternoons or both. You get every holiday off, every weekend off and every evening off. You even get summers off as well as winter break and spring break. And that's not even the best part. If it snows really bad, you can stay home.
Pullman - Scholarship funds from the Washington State University license plate, the number-one specialty plate in the state, hit a new record of $613,283 in the 2016-2017 academic year, according to the WSU budget office.
All of the proceeds go to scholarships for students in the WSU system.
"It's a thrill to see Cougar pride expressed so earnestly across the state and in a way that benefits the education of future Cougs," said Tim Pavish, executive director of the WSU Alumni Association, which manages the WSU plate program.
Popular Washington State University License Plates set $613K Scholarship Record
4 Year old Jaden Perez patiently waits while the barber. Manny Galcia shaves a Seahawks logo into his hair.
Julian Razo pays attention to detail while cutting his clients' hair