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June 21, 2017

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YVC Hosts 34th Annual Washington Wine Competition

Five Facts to Know About Schools Inslee Will Visit

Grandview - Yakima Valley College's Vineyard and Winery Technology Program will host the 34th annual Washington State Wine Competition and will be held Tuesday, June 20. To compete, any winery that is physically located in Washington state may enter this competition and the wines may come from any AVA within Washington.
The event will be on the Grandview Campus Activity Center, building 52 and will feature over 200 wine entries.  There will be five from YVC's Teaching Winery, Yakima Valley Vintners.
This event was originally operated by the Central Washington State Fair (1980-2015), but was discontinued when longtime competition director Ruth Anglin retired.

Lawmakers have 16 days to pass the 2017-19 state budget.  Senate Republicans say they are working toward a budget deal with House Democrats.
 Lawmakers of both parties agree that they will increase school funding again, this time by $2 to $3 billion.  The boost will be on top of the $4.6 billion (34%) increases in school funding that Democratic and Republican lawmakers have enacted in their last two budgets.
The planned increase will bring public school funding in Washington state to about $12,500 per student, more than the tuition at most private schools.
Meanwhile, Governor Inslee announced yesterday that he plans to visit public schools in five districts to discuss education spending.  To help facilitate the public discussion, here are five facts, based on official sources, about the five districts the Governor will visit: