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June 21, 2017

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Letters to the Editor
Searching for Words That Unite Us
Two days before last year's presidential election, Frank Luntz walked away from a CBS 60 Minutes focus group leaving people uncontrollably screaming at one another.  He couldn't stop it.  Nobody could. America's political frustration has boiled far beyond anyone's ability to listen and find common ground. Our country's polarization now is to the point where people are shooting one another. Luntz is the best in the business. He is a pioneer in the field of communications and public opinion research.  While at Association of Washington Business (AWB), we hired Luntz to help us find the words, phrases and tones which unified people. 
His books, especially "Words that work—It's not what you say, it's what people hear," were popular with our members.

80 Years Ago
June 1937
Growers in the Grandridge area started picking Royal Ann cherries on Monday, bringing the top price of seven cents a pound, more than Anns have brought for several years. Due to the wind and rain damage, the crop has been reduced considerably.
Fred Olmstead has been named head of the general
committee for this year's Harvest Festival, set for September 10-11. Others on his committee are Frank Ames, R. W. Duncan and Earle Tinius. Howard Jackson is in charge of the team pull, and Tullius J. Brown the parade.
The local All-Stars softball team won out 10 to 4 over Prosser
last Friday after tieing the count in the eighth and going on a 6 run spree in the ninth. The local line-up was: Ware, c; Munson, 1b; Solberg, 2b; D. Olmstead, 3b; Killian and Lindh, ss; Horner, p; Sailor, lf; Getzendaner, cf, and C. Inman, rf.
Mayor A. M. Garrison has named H. F. Ehmer
as town clerk to succeed C. M. Dyer, who recently submitted his resignation.